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Carolina Technical Fabrics Capabilities

Carolina Technical Fabics (CTF) is the newest, most modern, fully integrated fine fabric textile plant built in the USA.

Warping: Organizing a set of (warp) yarns that run lengthwise and parallel to the salvage and is interwoven with the fill yarn. The sheet of yarns is wound together ona beam for the purpose of weaving and knitting.

Slashing: The process of coating an adhesive onto a loom beam for weaving or knitting. This adhesive acts as a binder to hold the glass filaments together during high-speed weaving and knitting.

Weaving: The process of creating fabrics using intersecting warp and fill yarns. Fabrics are woven using many different wave patterns including plain, basket, leno, satin, crowfoot, twill, unidirectional, high modulus and several others. Different weaving patterns give the fabrics the specific properties needed for differing applications.

Finishing: The process of putting a coating on the fabric after weaving. Once finished, the fabrics yield better physical properties in wet strength retention or adhesion with laminates.

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