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About Carolina Technical Fabrics

A Tradition of Strength

For more than 25 years, Lewco Specialty Products, Inc. along with the resources of Carolina Technical Fabrics (CTF) have been at the forefront of High Temperature and Reinforcement Technology. Together, both enterprises have developed hundreds of products associated with reinforcements, insulation, filtration, noise abatement, safety, aviation, transportation, automotive, marine, energy, fire protection and many others. Lewco and Carolina Technical Fabrics together have the capabilities to design, manufacture and supply industry with a variety of woven and non woven fiberglass, silica and ceramic fiber textiles.

Composite Fabrics Add Durability and Strength

"Versatile” is the best word to describe Carolina Technical Fabrics — so much so that it’s difficult to define a "typical” end use for them. Our woven fabrics add to the durability and strength of a rich variety of products and applications.

Quality is an Absolute

We strive to be at the leading edge of weaving technology, manufacturing fabrics to meet the exacting requirements of the global marketplace. Lewco and Carolina Technical Composite Fabrics together are ISO 9001-2008 certified to meet the quality standards for its globally applied fabrics. Whether your application is straight forward or complex, our quality standards are not compromised.

Dedicated to Customer Solutions

We never lose sight of our mission: To provide reinforcement solutions to our customers. Often, this means helping them solve specific engineering problems.

If need be, we design a custom solution. Our research and development team has become adept at producing new types of woven fabrics, experimenting with new fibers and perfecting innovative coatings and finishing techniques. When our customers ask for a solution, we respond quickly because we understand the urgency of their business needs.

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